Are Mental Illnesses Really Genetic Diseases?

At 39-years of age, Ron had been a respected employee in a department store for nearly ten years. If he had made it to ten full years, he would have qualified for some extra benefits. Upper management chose to replace him with someone new a week before the ten years were up. Discovering that landing a new job was leading to one rejection after another, Ron…

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Are Mental Illnesses Really Brain Diseases?

In an article titled “The Roots of Mental Illness,” the author, Kirsten Weir, tells us about Eric Kandel, MD, who believes that the experiences that doctors refer to as mental illnesses are brain diseases. Dr. Kandel defends his belief with the following statement: “All mental processes are brain processes, and therefore all disorders of mental functioning are biological diseases. The brain is the organ of the…

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The Pathologizing of Human Experience

Today, if your behavior, thoughts, or feelings begin to concern you or a family member, for a fee many doctors will translate your experiences into mental illness terminology. Synonyms for mental illness, are mental disease, mental sickness, mental disorder, and psychopathology. These terms, as metaphors for experiences someone doesn’t like, have been with us for centuries. When used in this way, it can communicate something about…

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The Disrespectable Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing about a couple of unsettling stories involving the pharmaceutical industry, one involving suicide under pressure and the other, about the exorbitant cost of life saving EpiPens. Suicide Under Pressure On August 11, the New York Times carried a story titled “Driven to Suicide by an ‘Inhuman and Unnatural’ Pressure to Sell.” Here we learn about a 27-year-old…

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My 2016 APA Speech On Psychiatric Diagnoses

Welcome to “From Insults to Respect.” Regular readers know that I have some serious objections to how mental health service providers treat those seeking their services. As things stand now, unless you can afford to completely pay for such services without any insurance coverage, to access services you are very likely to be required to be labelled as having a mental disorder. Now, many mental…

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Are Antipsychotics Beneficial?

Recently I provided a post titled, “Are Mental Illnesses Really Illnesses? And Why do People Care?” There are a lot of people out there who were very supportive of the post, but at the same time, some were angry that I would even raise the question. One of the most angry person mentioned that the proof that mental illnesses are real illnesses was that the…

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Making Judgments that Shine

Welcome back to From Insults to Respect. For those of us who seek to be respected members of our community, when we declare our judgments on the different issues of the day, we have a great opportunity to shine. Today, I want to present a model that just might help you to explain why you have reached your opinion in a manner that could help…

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Has Psychology Sold Out to Psychiatry?

This year’s American Psychological Association Convention has us focus on justice. It comes on the heels of the Hoffman report which came out one year ago. The Hoffman report’s actual title is, Report to the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of the American Psychological Association Independent Review Relating to APA Ethics Guidelines, National Security Interrogations, and Torture. Although issues surrounding APA’s role in interrogations…

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My Upcoming APA Speech on Psychiatric Diagnosis

An Invitation to Critique My Position

Last year at the American Psychological Association Convention, I presented a paper on a proposal for an alternative to the current psychiatric diagnosis system, which can be read HERE. It provoked supportive comments, suggestions for making some improvements, and an invitation to write up my approach for an article in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology.  Now I have been invited to present an update to…

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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan on Addiction

Welcome to From Insults to Respect. Today’s topic, addiction. When we see we have become addicted to something and find we are having difficulty breaking the habit, we may begin to lose some self respect. And sometimes our actions related to our addictions lead to others losing respect for us. So, it makes sense that we spend a little time giving this topic some thought….

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